Lucid Health Consulting is pleased to announce a strategic partnership agreement with MAOSS effective from 1 October 2020.




MAOSS is a unique market access platform, providing a one stop shop for Australian reimbursement data needs. MAOSS has been rapidly expanding over the past 18 months in response to the needs of the Australian reimbursement market and has provided data for many strategic projects.

Using the MAOSS database, organisations looking to enhance the market access and reimbursement for drugs, devices and technologies in the Australian market, have access to:

  • Free Text Search for PBS Items based on generic name, trade name, or indication
  • Instant historical utilization for all current PBS items, for either business analysis or financial impact analysis
  • Access to Ex-Manufacturer and DPMQ/DPMA prices over time
  • Visualization of when and where price cuts have occurred
  • Instant comparison of current PBS restrictions to historical PBS restrictions
  • Instant links to Public Summary Documents (PSDs) for all drugs, or indications
  • Free Text Search of PSDs within the PDF documents
  • Ability to access MBS items, AR-DRG cost, and life tables
  • All from one single portal


The MAOSS database and service offering enables organisations who are seeking market access into the Australian market to “stop wasting valuable time” when gathering data required for HTA submissions, as well as:

  • Save time searching PSDs
  • Save time linking utilization data from Department of Human Services
  • Save time sourcing information from various team members, the data is all in one spot!
  • A reliable data source that is constantly updated
  • Save time knowing exactly what changes are occurring to restrictions impacting your portfolio or your competitors products


MAOSS combines data from all relevant sources into one easy to access portal




Lucid Health Consulting has over 30 years’ experience in providing expert advice in health economics, pricing & reimbursement, market access and regulatory affairs in Australia. By partnering with MAOSS, Lucid Health Consulting will be able to enhance its service offering with efficiencies in the gathering and communication of data.

George Papadopoulos, Partner & Director at Lucid Health Consulting said “We at Lucid Health Consulting are very excited to partner with MAOSS.  We’ve been using the data and analytics from MAOSS over the past year and looking forward to further enhancing the value this platform brings to our clients”.

Blaise Agresta, Managing Director at MAOSS said “The collaboration between Lucid Health Consulting and MAOSS brings together the brains and the brawn essential for successful reimbursement listing and market access. The collaboration will allow the data requirements for pharmaceutical and medical device reimbursement to be better targeted, and more relevant to the end user than ever before”.


To find out more about the strategic partnership agreement between Lucid Health Consulting and MAOSS contact:

  • Lucid Health Consulting email: or phone: + 61 2 8964 9600
  • MAOSS email: or phone: +61 413 759 970
  • Media enquiries: Kim MacDonald, Spindrift Marketing, phone +61 402 833 499