Our Director at Lucid Health ConsultingGeorge Papadopoulos, edited the ISPOR, Research RoundUp in the July  –  August 2021 Edition of the Value & Outcomes Spotlight.

The latest issue of ISPOR’s  Values & Outcomes Spotlight looks at the area of aging. We present recent research that highlights what aging contributes to healthcare costs; the importance of coordinated health and social systems to address the challenges of aging; what can be saved in morbidity, mortality, and costs; policy implications; and lastly, the impact of recent advances in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and the challenges and implications. 

ISPOR | July/August 2021 Value & Outcomes Spotlight, RESEARCH ROUNDUP

Section Editor: George Papadopoulos.

Read the full article: Research Roundup: July – August, 2021.


About the author:

George Papadopoulos, Partner and Director at Lucid Health Consulting. George is a Health Economist, Pricing and Reimbursement and Strategic Market Access Expert with over 25 years in the healthcare industry in both Australia and USA.  An experienced key speaker and commentator, his current leadership roles include chairman of ARCS Australia and Lecturer at UNSW, Pharmaceutical Medicine.

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