The Virtual ISPOR 2021 Conference, was held live, as well as “on demand” from 17 – 20 May 2021. This leading global conference is focused on health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), for discussion and dissemination of the latest trends in healthcare. The 2021 conference was themed HEOR: Evolving for Tomorrow’s Challenges and will focus on the opportunities and challenges in HEOR methods, practices, and application including our ability to respond effectively. Some of the challenging questions that were addressed, included:

  • How can we further strengthen HEOR’s relevance, particularly moving beyond product assessment, to address systemic healthcare challenges in the near term? How should HEOR use its chance for renewal?
  • What innovations in collaboration approaches are advancing HEOR beyond its traditional sphere of influence?
  • Which upgrades in HEOR methodology, application, and practice are needed to future-proof its impact on healthcare decision-making?

  Lucid Health Consulting, together with our partners, Skyward Analytics and Veritas Health Economics Consulting were proud to have been selected as a Poster Session. Our Virtual Poster Discussion was on the topic: ESTIMATING INCIDENCE PROGRESSED PATIENTS IN PARTITIONED SURVIVAL MODELS – A COMPARISON OF THREE METHODOLOGIES.